Rebellion Guide to
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Nirvana Armour 3rd cast
Awakened Lionheart Armor Awakened Ashura's Armor Awakened Archangel's Tunic
Arcane Armour
Rank 9 3rd cast

Omen:Sanctity Robe= Cleric

Omen:Requiem Robe = Wizard

           Requiem = Wizard

Omen:Etherwalker Robe = Werefox

           Etherwalker  = Werefox

Omen:Apotheosis Robe= Psychic

            Apotheosis = Psychic

Omen:Reincarnation Robe= Mystic

           Reincarnation = Mystic

Light Armour
Rank 9 3rd cast

Omen:Adversity Mail = Assassin

           Adversity = Assassin

Omen:Firmament Mail = Archer

           Firmament = Archer

Heavy Armour
Rank 9 3rd cast

Omen:Dervish Breastplate= Blademaster

           Dervish = Blademaster

Omen:Samsara Breastplate= Seeker

           Samsara Breastplate= Seeker

Omen:Hegemony Breastplate= Barbarian

        Hegemony = Barbarian
Molds Prefix for classes
This guide was kindly provided by Xenobane
           Sanctity= Cleric