Celestial Tiger
Minimum level: 30
Entry Time: 9:00 PM every Monday (server time)

When the event starts, report to a Keeper of the Tigers to see how you can help.
These Keepers can be found near the Elders of Raging Tides, City of the Plume,
City of the Lost and Etherblade, as well as in the western crossroads of Archosaur.

Remember to speak with the Keeper of the Tigers NPC twice.

You will receive a Celestial Tiger Directive the first time you speak with the NPC,
which enables you to do the gem and report quests that are given by the Elders.
Speak with the Keeper NPC a second time to accept the main Celestial Tigers quest.
You will need to be on this quest in order to get any credit for the other related
quests. Also, keep in mind that you'll only be able to do the support quests for
20 minutes, so don't delay if you intend to do them!
Tiger Minions and Celestial Tigers

You must defeat these enemies.

Phase 1: During this phase, the Tiger Minions have begun to invade the land.
They have rallied together and are awaiting orders to attack,
which makes this the perfect opportunity for a preemptive strike!
It is up to you and the other brave souls to find and slay 4,999 of them.
So why slay 4,999 instead of a nice even 5,000 you ask? Well... why not?
There are four types of Tiger Minions, meant for different level players:
Name & Link           Level      HP       Points

Tiger Minion·Delta    30      10,000     10
Tiger Minion·Charlie  50      30,000     30
Tiger Minion·Bravo    80      50,000     80
Tiger Minion·Alpha    100    80,000     150
For those of you who are committed to the non-violent way of life, you can also
gain 80 contribution points each by collecting Tiger Soul Herbs during this phase

Phase 2: After the Tiger Minions have taken sufficient casualties,
the Celestial Tigers themselves appear. One Heavenly Tiger and one Demonic
Tiger appears near each non-Earthguard race's starting city. Don't take them lightly,
for they are much more powerful than their minions (30 million HP each).

(They don't spawn near the earthguard home city, Tellus City, because the
event was created prior to the Genesis expansion, which added the earthguard
classes and lands.)

You can also gain 120 contribution points each by collecting Tiger Spirit Herbs
during this phase (different locations than the Tiger Soul Herbs, see link).
After the Celestial Tigers have been defeated, the event will end. It is at this
point that some random number of contribution points will be distributed
amongst the players
Support Quests

Characters who lack offensive power, but own a mount, can still be competitive
during the Tiger Event by choosing to participate in support quests instead.

During the event, the Elders of City of Raging Tides, City of the Plume,
City of the Lost and Etherblade will each offer a quest to go visit the other Elders.
These 4 quests can be stacked, and are repeatable for as long as the
Tiger Event lasts.

Each quest awards 240 contribution points + 1 Tigertail Incense. Incense can be
used for an additional 10 contribution points, or 2 Incense can be exchanged to
get a buff at the Censers that appear for the event. Incense lasts only for
3 minutes, so it must be used quickly.

In addition, players may also choose to exchange Common Shards with each Elder
to in order to gain additional contribution points. The player may choose to
exchange 1, 2, or 3 Common Shards, with more Shards offering more contribution
points but also requiring additional time to pass before completion.
Once exchanged, the player simply waits for the timer to expire and then speaks
to any Keeper of the Tigers in order to claim the reward. The quest is repeatable
if completed with 1 or 2 Shards, but cannot be repeated if completed with 3 Shards.

City of Raging Tides = Common Topaz Shards
City of the Plume = Common Amethyst Shards
City of the Lost = Common Aquamarine Shards
Etherblade = Common Ruby Shards
Amount           Time                       Reward
1 Shard                1 Minute        50 contribution + 1 Incense
2 Shards              3 Minutes       100 contribution + 1 Incense
3 Shards              5 Minutes       200 contribution + 1 Incense
The Spoils of War

There are 6 tiers of prizes per class, and prizes vary widely. As long as you hit
2,000 contribution points you will be eligible to receive, at minimum,
the Paper Celestial Chest, which can contain Celestial Shards and
Hyper EXP Stones, among other things...

The higher-tier prizes can contain various rare items, including but not limited to:

Celestial Shards - Can be turned in at any mailbox for great items.

Celestial Insignias - Similar to Celestial Shards, but they are more valuable and
can be traded/sold to other players.

Demon/Sage Event Card - Can be redeemed that the PW Boutique Agent for
50 Event cubi. This cubi can be used in the Event Boutique,
which can be accessed by clicking on the gem icon at the top right corner
of the regular PWR Boutique (press O).
The Event Boutique has a lot of great items available,
including many fashions as well as PWR Guardian/Spirit Charms!

Some other possible prizes (some must be obtained from the
Mailbox Exchange function using Celestial Shards/Insignias):
Baby Celestial Tiger Pet
This rare baby tiger is a pet that can only be obtained through
contribution to this event.

Here are the various chests you can receive and the place for
your class you have to achieve to get them.
Click the links below to see the rewards they potentially
contain and the odds of each item.
Name & Link                Tier       EXP             SP           Place

Gold Celestial Pack         1       25,000         5,000         1st

Silver Celestial Pack        2       20,000         4,500      2nd - 5th

Bronze Celestial Pack      3       20,000         4,500      6th - 10th

Iron Celestial Pack          4       15,000         3,000      11th - 15th

Tin Celestial Pack           5       15,000         3,000       16th - 20th

Paper Celestial Chest      6       12,000         2,500       21st - >=2000 points
WARNING, once the event is over,
you will only have 5 minutes to head to a mailbox to claim your prize,
so don't delay!