Morai Guide

It is highly advisable to have a flier while in Morai.

To enter Morai you must be level 95 or higher.

Morai is an instance introduced to Perfect World in early 2012 and starts in the
story line with the destruction of Elysium Village in Perfect World.
The area offers an extensive map area and many rewarding quests,
added Morai skill books for all classes, added Morai rewards, Morai monsters,
added character stats and a sect system that has three distinct
orders: Corona, Luminance and Shroud.
The Morai Adventure

New Character Stats
With the introduction of Morai came some new stats some of which are
developed to give you rewards in the Morai system and some seem to
shadow existing character attributes. These stats can be viewed in the
Character Status window by pressing "C" on the keyboard. In the Character
Status window in the list at the top under the Faction status is the Order
that you have joined in Morai and a new button labeled "ORDER" beside this.
This button will reveal specific information and stats about your position in Morai.

Character Attributes
These stats are listed on the bottom of the character Status window and
have yet to be discovered or implemented.
Warding Level - This seems to be related to a Defensive ability.
(Estimated to be .9 of a Defense Level)
Slaying Level - This seems to be related to an Attack ability.
(Estimated to be .9 of an Attack Level)

Reward Incentive Stats
Prestige and Influence are two stats that are used to accumulate of points
earned when you complete Morai quest and can be turned in to specific
Morai NPCs to purchase rewards such as new skill books, Armor, weapons,
pets and different utility tokens. The points earned in Prestige and Influence
can only apply to the Order that you are presently a member and those points
can only be spent for the rewards offered by that Order. If you want rewards
from another Order you must become a member of that Order and accumulate
Prestige and Influence points from that Order's quests. Remember, that
when you quit an Order you will loose some of the Prestige and Influence
that you earned in that Order (5% at 1st order you leave) and you will be
subject to the time restrictions before you can join another Order.
Recall that after you leave your order, cant go buy any more rewards.

Entrance Portal NPCs
There are NPCs to enter Morai in each major Perfect World city
North Archosaur (549,668), across from Watcher of the Earth by a big tree.
South Archosaur (), on the opposite side of the building
where the Banker () is located.

You will enter Morai on an island floating in the air above Celestial Lake,
at the top and far left side of the map (230,589).

If you are new to Morai your 1st quest series will be given at Candlelight Village.
If you head west and jump off the island you can fall into the lake below
and swim to the shore to a path (214,583) on the west side of the lake,
the mobs in the lake are not aggressive. Once on shore follow the path
to Candlelight Village. If you stay on the path mobs will not attack you.

If you are a player returning player you may want to use the teleport NPC
on an island below, if you head south and fall into the lake you can swim
to the island in the center of the Lake to Teleporter Shia Sol (226,584).

I have learned that by jumping off a specific point on the edge I can
land on a small floating island below and continue in the same direction
and jump again, landing right beside the Teleporter NPC on the island in
the center of the Lake.

You can also exit by swimming to the river on the southeast side which
goes under the cliff, then get out of the river and onto the shore because
the mobs in the river are aggressive and will attack.
This is not a recommended route.
Quests in Morai

When you first come into Morai you will have a series of initial quest to do.
I will call these, "The Introduction to Morai Quests". I suggest that you do all
these quests because they will give you a lot of experience points and
familiarize you with the landscape and story line. After the initial quests
are done there are only a few reoccurring quests that will keep you coming back.

Presently there are 4 types of ongoing quests that I know of in Morai,
the daily Divine quests, the timed quest, the weekly "Waithslayer's Missive"
quest and the Extended Endless Universe quest. By taking these quests you
will earn a large amount experience and also something specific to
Morai: Influence and Prestige which are used to get goods, all-class pets,
armor, and new skill books from that Order. Other Orders have different things
and different skill books.

The Introduction to Morai Quests

These are a series of quest that you will do when you first come to Morai,
starting at Candlelight Village. Not only will they familiarize you with the
landscape and story line they will give your character substantial experience
points and lead you to to the point where you will choose which of Morai's
Orders to join.

The Endless Universe Quest

These quest is one of the last quests in the story line and since it can be
quite difficult you can choose not to do this quest without effecting other
Morai quests or stats. This is a chain type quest with in an instance (Dungeon)
that is done in specific steps that at first are quite confusing. The quest
requires that you purchase a special poison wine from an NPC just outside
the entrance to the instance. This wine is needed in order to enter the instance.
The quest also requires an 8 member squad to start the quest. You can enter
the instance without a squad but must be in a squad in order to initiate the quest.

Quest Process

Note: So far, this is based on my memory of first doing this quest and
may not be complete or entirely accurate.

It is a good idea to have one of the squad members that is familiar with
the quest procedures be assigned as the Guide to direct squad members
all the way through this quest to avoid confusion and to keep the quest
from failing.
With 8 members in a squad the leader will start the quest with each
member assigned to one of the portal Posts that are in a circle near by
(Alpha, Beta, etc.). One of the squad is selected to be the "floater".
This squad member is the only member that is allowed to go from one
area to another to help the member in that area without consequence.
It is a good idea to have a high level cleric as the floater for healing and
resurrecting. I believe that not all the separate areas are the same and
some are better suited to certain classes.

If the quest fails you can start it over again as many times as you need
until you can complete the entire quest.

Each squad member will activate their portal one at a time starting with
Alpha to enter their separate area and must wait for the previous member
who entered to finish before entering or the quest will fail.

Once a member enters there area find the Mirror Oblique in that area to
receive the quest of that area. It is a good idea to have the Floater squad
member there at the same time. Once the mirror quest is activated you
must complete this quest as quickly as possible by killing a number of the
monsters that appear, then turn the quest in at the mirror. It is vital that
squad members do not go outside the boundaries of their area of fall off
the cliff during their battles and the during the time other squad members
are completing their quests or the whole quest will fail.

After the last squad members completes and turns in their quest all
squad members can leave their area by jumping off the cliff and returning
to the starting area (this should be announced by the squad's guide).

At this time the second stage of the quest will start where you will have
to defeat the three Wraith Lord Generals one at a time. These bosses are
not easy and each has there own ways of making life miserable for the squad.

By crossing the suspension bridge to a platformed area of land you will
find the first boss. He sends out a blast at you that will kick you backwards
quite a distance. This will send some of the squad members off the cliff
and back to the starting area where you hope they will hurry back to the
battle before the boss kills you. You can attempt to kill this boss as many
times as it takes.

Even as a caster and standing a distance from the boss I was getting
sick of being blast off the cliff, I found that if I stood in front of one of
the rocks there the bosses blasts could not push me back so easily and
I could remain in the battle. this would be harder for melee fighters as
lining up in front of a rock behind you was not as easy.

After that boss is dead move along to the next by following the terrain
and bridges. The next boss sits within a circled crevice with several
protecting quick re-spawning mobs around him. Battle fire and brimstone
to defeat this boss and move to the next boss.

The last boss in my opinion is the most difficult. There is a giant circular
pit which the boss, a giant dragon, flies around its perimeter some distance
from the ground. There are several very large crows like birds following him.
If you attack the boss these will attack you and each attack on the boss may
spawn new crow mobs. One strategy is to have a all the Barbs tank the mobs
while the other squad members attack the boss. Sometimes it is hard to get
the attention of the boss to stop and fight because he would rather keep
flying around the pit. Watch out for the fire attacks which can kill you pretty

After this boss is defeated you return to the starting area and complete the
quest feeling like a hero.

Addition information or corrections may be needed about this quest.
Repeatable Morai Quests

There are several repeatable public quests in Morai listed below. Several of these
quests, like Crazy Stone, Divine Contract, and a timed quest can be taken daily,
however the Wraithslayer Missive quest can only be taken once a week.
There is also a quest, Ultimate Universe, that is part of the storyline and
can be repeated.

Crazy Stone

The CS (Crazy Stone) quest has not ended at character level 100 but
continues on in Morai.
The Stone Collector is the the new Crazy Stone NPC for level 100+
characters and requires the Same Wuhsing Stones (Common shards)
as before; Alabaster, Ruby, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst.
The Stone Collector, Merchant and Jewel craftsman NPCs should be at
each Order's Central location near the leader.

For Corona the Stone Collector (466,513) is by the Banker who is a little
ways southeast of the Corona leader.
The Merchant (473,517) is little ways off the right of the leader.
The Jewel craftsman (No Jewel craftsman could be found near corona)

For Shroud the Stone Collector () is by ????
The Merchant () is ???
The Jewel craftsman () is ????

For Luminance the Stone Collector (355,579) is by the base of the
leader's platform.
The Merchant (357,581) is off to the right when at the Stone Collector
and facing the leader.
The Morai Jewel craftsman (357,577) is before the Stone Collector next to the Banker.

Daily Divine Quests

To get the daily Divine quests you must belong to one of the Orders of Morai.
To start go to the leader of your Order and take the "Visit: the Divine Emissary"
quest that he offers. This quest has you go to the Divine Emissary NPC who has
the Divine quests.

Warning: You can get the "Visit: the Divine Emissary" quest from any Order's
leader but not only will you not be able to get the quest from Other Order's
Divine Emissary but the quest will be missing from your home Order's Divine
Emissary as well. (I know this by experience)

The Divine Emissary will usually offer you several quest to choose from but you
will only be able to take 2 of these quests unless you get the Token: Divine
Order of Longevity which will unlock the list of quests.
Sometimes he will only offer you 1 purple quest which is worth more and has a
different reward.

The Timed Quest

You are given 1 hour to finish and turn-in this quest.
The timed quest is not given by the leader of the order but by a different
NPC in each of the Orders.
In Corona it is given by NPC: "Corona Stargazer Kin Sol".
In Shroud it is given by NPC: ?
In Luminance it is given by NPC: "Luminance Knight Inuwen"

At the NPC select "Quest Related" and you will be offered a single daily quest.
There seems to be 4 or 5 rotating quests for this (Warriors, Wizards, Cutgo and
2 types of Buzzards).

Helpful Hint: All these quests seem to be on the west side of the map.
To save coin and time I use the teleport NPC to port out of Morai, and then
port right back into Morai where you will be on the Northwest side of the map.
Then I fly to to the quest mobs to do the quest and then return to the teleport
NPC where I entered and use the Morai transport to Teleport to the farthest
point East. Then I fly the short distance to turn-in the quest. I usually have
30 minutes to spare, so I sometimes do a Divine quest that is a little bit
farther from the base than I wanted to go. If you do this watch the clock
and don't lose your timed quest.

Waithslayer's Missive Quest

Warning: Please read this through to avoid losing this quest!

At this time there is only 1 dungeon and boss being offered. The entrance is a
fiery portal located at Sandscape Tower (). There is really nothing special about
this boss except that it is a giant cockroach with a lot of Hit Points (HP).

When I was playing a Mystic, just a Veno and I Killed the boss but it took
about 15 minutes. Don't ask how this worked, but the original squad had killed
the boss just before we got there and were leaving. The boss re-spawned and
we killed it again. I don't recommend doing anything out of order like this
because the chance of FAILURE is Very High.

You will only get this quest once a week starting on Monday after the 12
midnight Sunday reset from the leader of the Order that you belong to.
So far, there is only 1 quest and it will be written in red letters (I believe
it signifies the Fiery Red portal used to enter the instance).
The quest requires you to have a squad with one member from each of the
orders (Corona, Shroud and Luminance).
Once you accept this quest you will be committed to completing it or loosing
the quest after it expires.
Also, once you take the quest a Plaque item will show up in your inventory.
Link this item to the squad leader to signify you have taken the quest then
head to the dungeon entrance.

How to Set Up and Do This Quest

If you are the leader of the squad you will have to stay at the quest NPC until all
squad members have the quest.
It is a good idea to get members from each of the other Orders before you fill the
squad. The squad can have as many as 8 members but must have at least 1 from
each of the 3 Orders of Morai, including yourself.
Also, you must make sure that all squad members including yourself have taken
the quest or it might fail.
To do this, have each squad member link the Plaque item the quest gave them to
you in a squad or PM chat message.
Once all squad members have taken the quest and linked their quest plaque item
to you, you can finalize the the quest with the initial NPC (the Order's Leader)
and head to the Dungeon.
Wait, you are not done yet.
All squad members will receive a red lettered quest in their quest log a few
minutes after you initiate the quest, make sure everyone has this Red Lettered
quest before you kill the boss.

After the boss is dead you do not have to turn in the quest, the quest is done
and you will automatically receive the reward of a large amount of experience.

Advanced Endless Universe Quest

This is quest that allows you to continue doing quests in the Endless Universe
instance where high level players can gain great rewards of EXP (experience)
and rewards.
This information was copied and edited from a forum thread, a medium meant
for discussion rather than information like the PW Wiki. It is none the less a
very helpful in it's content thanks to its author, Kerona of Sanctuary.

Requirements: You must have completed the Gold Quest continuation of the
Morai Chain up to the quest "Into the Fray". This enables you to enter the
instance via the portal above the old EU entrance. Entering does not consume
a Tuc Su Toxin, and you may enter multiple times a day. In order to get a
reward you must pick up "Jade Dragon Order" from the NPC inside. You must
have these in your inventory to get a reward, but you can participate without
them (for no reward chest).

Let me start out by saying there are MULTIPLE versions of this instance.
Each is different, with different requirements. Which one your squad gets
is random, so you should prepare for the worst and hope for the easiest.
Once the quest is started, you cannot switch to another of the Types
without resetting the instance.

All of the random instances end with Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor Boss
as the final boss.

Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor Boss:
This boss teleports around every few million hp you knock off it. Each
"respawn" has less hp than the last to represent what you knocked off
so don't panic if it appears to have healed itself. It spawns adds but they
weren't too nasty we just had a seeker Yata and handled it nicely.
One of the adds will interrupt BB and do the AoE Knockback. Sometimes
you must kill Ghost Wings to get the boss to remove Invoke buff.
Fairly easy boss, I think, remember to Chi the BB so she can keep
running around. When he died we were done and the npc to get the
chest spawns where he was. If the boss is glitched with the turtle
buff on, try going up to the top and talking to the quest guy again.
This should spawn another boss with more Ghost Wings to kill. Note
that if you kill the Ghost Wings to remove the original Boss's glitched
buff, the new boss will be glitched... So in the end you go back and kill
the original boss.


   @ 100 - 800k exp, 180k spirit, 10 influence
   @ 101 - 1.3 mil xp, 180k spirit, 10 influence
   @ 102 - 1.8 mil xp, 180k spirit, 10 influence
   @ 103 - 2.3 mil xp, 180k spirit, 10 influence
   @ 104 - 2.8 mil xp, 180k spirit, 10 influence

The final boss dropped apothecary such as Gods Tea, Samsara Wheel, etc.
He has also dropped Immaculate gems. The box's consolation reward is also
apothecary: I received 10 Dew Stars, others in my squad got things such as
Espionage Potions, IGs, and more. The good reward is Advanced Morai Skills,
which are tradable.
Type 1: Locen as Sub Boss

Task One:
We started out by having to simultaneously dig 8 crystals. We had 10 people
but only 8 had to dig. You can do the instance with 8 people. We did this by on
vent going "3 2 1 dig". You can also do a countdown in squad chat. This released
an NPC who told us she wanted to create a seal to remove the "Immune to
damage" buff from Locen. Locen wanders around the instance, and you must
hide from him in sparkling purple bushes that put you in stealth when he gets
close. After he passes you can go out and do what you had to do again. The
"Warning" Crystals let you know where in the instance the boss is, so you
have some Warning if the boss is getting close.

Task Two:
We have to activate the forge for the NPC to create pills, then gather
materials for her. Anyone can turn in in quantities of 5, and the quest only
requires 50. The mobs are very easy throughout the instance. The hardest
part in this instance is operating the forge, which requires considerable
team work and retries. We had to have someone set a continuous AoE to
control the hp of the fires that spawned around it, and I constantly doused
and blew on the fires with water via the forge's quest as needed. This
took us quite a few tries. You have to keep the fire's hp between 1 and
100 without it hitting either extreme so you need to damage them all at
same time, then you water the fires via the quest for a bit until it finishes
making the pill. I've heard this can be done by removing weapon and
slapping the fires as well. As long as the damage is low and constant,
it should work.

Task Three:
The pills crafted by the forge enable you to see the Skeleton Guardians
which are really easy mobs and you have to kill 4. These should be in the
area and you can get as many pills as you need from the forge.

Task Four:
Next we had to sneak past some of the minions so she gave us items
that turned us into rats. I don't know if being rats actually helped us in
any way but it was quite hilarious xD We were told to talk to Obsidian
Transience as Rats and dig the Inscription that talking to that person spawned.
Without the inscription, you can light the seal trap but it will not proceed and
you will have to restart by resetting the instance.

Task Five:
When you get to the mirror, which must be dug to spawn, look into the circle
above the mirror for what shape you have to light the seals in. ie Heaven is
3 _ straight across. Mimic this shape (we lit them in numerical order but I'm
not sure if that has an effect). The NPC should automatically set up a seal
trap for the boss to walk onto when the pattern is correct. When it did, it
"died" and respawned in the center of the instance. Be careful not to mess
up the array as there is no way to turn a signal off once it is on.

Locen, the Emperor of Flame BOSS:

This boss has a nasty fire thingy he does so you must stay close to the icicles
on the ground. As a cleric I had to move BB every time. He also had a stun
AoE but overall wasn't too bad. We let our barby tank and he was getting hit
pretty low occasionally so know that you might need some wizzy heals or
extra heal (my bb is pretty weak though). After he died, the main boss spawned
at the bottom of the lake so we jumped down. Remember to Chi the BB so she
can keep running around.

Type 2: Aohe as Sub Boss

I consider this Type as the most difficult due to the Sub Boss.
The instance will start with an NPC named Helios fighting a Boss named
Aohe, who is immune to damage. You are limited in time in that you must
complete all the tasks before Helios dies. If Helios dies at any point,
you must restart.

You must kill the pillars on the second island by luring the Wraith mobs
into the golden circle around them. When the wraith mobs die, they will
summon firecrackers which when they explode damage the pillar. If the wraiths
do not die inside the golden circle, the firecrackers will not be close enough to
damage the pillar. To save all three, do the closest two pillars at the same time.
It is not necessary to successfully save all 3 to pass the quest, 2 works fine so if
you want you can do pillars one at a time. When a pillar dies, you must port to
the island by taking the quest on the gem that spawns and "rescue" the
Apprentice by killing the mobs. -
When the Apprentice is free he will head to the third island and start fighting
the Spirit of Aohe.

After the second pillar is destroyed, mobs will start attacking the Apprentice
who is fighting the Spirit of Aohe so you must send a group to defend him while
freeing the last apprentice. If all three Apprentices die, you fail and must
start again. If Helios dies at this part while fighting Aohe, you must start again.
then take it again from the NPC at beginning.

Once all of the Apprentices are free and fighting the Spirit of Aohe, have the
rest of the squad head over to help defend them from mobs. After a while,
the Apprentices will finally kill the Spirit of Aohe which will spawn the
Aohe boss on Island #1.

Aohe, the Dark Emperor BOSS:
This boss is HARD. (NOTE: HE IS STUNNABLE. STUN STUN STUN) As a single
cleric I had a lot of trouble healing it and we wiped several times, so please
consider bringing a second healer or cleric just in case you get this boss.
He spawns as two parts, physical and elemental immune. The two parts must
die at approximately the same time or the other will respawn and wipe the squad.
The two bosses do different things and I suggest keeping them as far away
from each other as possible.

Physical Immune:
He casts Absorbing Array AoE and does a Physical Defense and Fire Defense debuff.
He doesn't hit too hard normally, but with the Physical Defense debuff he will be
hitting quite hard so make sure your tankiest caster is tanking. We put frostblade
on our sins and bms had them attack and spam stun this one due to the extreme
AoE of the other boss. I believe he also turns people into frogs occasionally.
Reports that Soul Degen stops it from self healing, and that the heal is somehow
linked to the Absorbing Array debuff. Purging it is also reported to work. I find it
most convenient to have a Wizzy with Sage DB set up as frogging does not
interrupt it and the stun keeps the boss locked pretty well.

Elemental Immune:
This thing is a piece of work. Really. The other boss does a Spark (genie skill)
AoE that reduces fire resistance to like nothing, then this one will cast a fire dot
AoE. This is why they must be kept as far from each other as possible. As cleric
you can stand outside of the AoE and IH and purify. As melee dd expect to spam die.
We basically had two barbs, and the R9 one was almost dying whenever it
debuffed. Sins and BMs were getting one shot by the first tick of fire. Soul of Fire
might be really useful for this boss or having a psy sitting nearby to AoE purify.
If you do not have 2 clerics, like my squad did, good luck! If you have two clerics,
welcome to try one in BB and the other IHing and Purifying as needed. When my
squad does it, we just have one tanky sin solo DD this boss with one cleric IHing
and purifying him. The less people on this boss, the easier it is to heal and manage.

Once this boss dies and you pat yourselves on the back, jump down to kill final
boss as normal.

Type 3: Chigo as Sub-Buss
This one was quite relaxed. Two NPCs spawn, Dark and Light. You must defend
Dark and Light at the same time, so split your squad into two groups (two
clerics or two healers is a must, probably). The groups should be of equal DD
value, even if it's not high.

Follow the mobs to two different spots on the map, and mobs will start to cross
the bridge near them. Most mobs are easy, some HF and others immobilize, seal,
and knock BB. Your goal is to reach 200 "points" so around 100 each group.
BUT if the difference in points between the two groups exceeds four, the
accumulated score will start to quickly decay. In order to complete it quickly,
you must keep the numbers relatively close by watching the score and measuring
how much DD is needed. There is a 16 minute time limit to this part, but we
completed long before the limit.

Next Dark will charge into where he thinks the Boss is but it's a trap.
Light realizes it and tries to save him. He tells you to kill the correct
elemental pillar to free Dark. Killing wrong pillar spawns some mobs but
they're not a big deal. They knock BB so just have clerics squad heal and keep
the mobs off of them. We ended up having to kill every pillar as the correct one
was the last we chose.

The boss spawns instantly in the middle as soon as Dark is freed, so you
probably shouldn't stand there.... like I did. -.-

Chigo, the Serpent Emperor BOSS:
This guy is a giant glowy yellow centipede with multiple heads. The system
will spam you to "get close to him" messages. They mean get as close to the
center platform as possible. He does an AoE that will hit really hard if you
are far away. At 1.3mil he does an AoE purge. Finally, he'll do an Earth delayed
1 shot DoT (Telekinesis). This must be removed via purify or triple spark or you
will probably die. Make sure the cleric in BB has chi as it will be knocked, and
make sure to purify this cleric when the DoT shows up.
The Orders of Morai

An Order is a type of Sect that you join in Morai.
There are 3 Orders in Morai: Corona, Luminance, and Shroud.

Joining and Leaving an Order

It is advisable to review all the reward items such as Skill Books, Armor etc. of each
Order before choosing which one to join.
Once you choose an Order the order's name will appear above your character's name.
Once you join an Order you will not be able to leave that order for at least 7 days.
When you leave an Order you will lose some of the Prestige and Influence you
earned from the Order you left.
After you leave an Order you will have to wait 24 hours before you can join
another Order.

In the surrounding area where the leader of the Order is located there is a
Mailbox and several NPCs; a Banker, Teleport, Merchant, Blacksmith, Morai
Jewelcraftsman, Stone Collector, and other NPCs.

Order of Corona

Map Location Name: Corona Sanctuary

   Corona King Kisian (472,529), Leader of Corona
   Emissary of Corona (473,524), Divine Quest Dispatcher
   Corona Stargazer Kin Soz (473,522)
       Corona Advanced Supply
                   (Item Name / Class / Level / Influence Cost / Price / Description)
            Tier 1
           Tier 2 (Skill Books)
           Tier 3
           Tier 4
           Tier 5
        Weapon Rehone (Manufacture)
        Quest Related (See "Quests in Morai" Section Below)

Note: The Teleporter and other craft NPCs are a distance from the Corona Leader.

Stone Collector (467,514) is located near the Banker. (See Quests section below)

Order of Luminance

Map Location Name: Nexus of Luminance

   Luminance Lord Gugg (353,579), Leader of Luminance
   Emissary of Luminance (357,578), Divine Quest Dispatcher
   Luminance Tactician Mur (352,579)
       Luminance Basic Supply
       Gear Reforge
       Quest Related
    Luminance Knight Inuwen (351,580)
       Luminance Advanced Supply
                   (Item Name / Class / Level / Influence Cost / Price / Description)
            Tier 1
           Tier 2 (11 Skill Books)
               Telekinesis / Psychic / 100 / 675 / Commands the Earth to attack the
target after a short delay
               Spoils of War (Assassin/100/675)
               Mass Resurrection (Mystic/100/337)
               Verdant Blessing (Mystic/100/338)
               Radiant Sight (/100/675)
            Tier 3
           Tier 4 Abyssal Leggings / Light Armor / 340 / $7,140,000 / Open to obtain,
Does not Drop on death, Unable to: discard, trade or put in account stash
           Tier 5
        Weapon Rehone (Manufacture)
           Sky Salvific Spear

            Crystallus Cleavers: Sky

            Hellfire Hatchets: Sky

        Quest Related (See "Quests in Morai" section below)

The Teleporter and other craft NPCs are close by.

Order of Shroud

Map Location Name: Shroud Temple
Shroud Prophet Mogo (447,589), Leader
Emissary of Shroud (446,584), Divine Quest Dispatcher

Advanced Supply NPC

Quest related (See "Quests in Morai" Section Below)
The teleporter and other craft NPCs are close by.


Teleporting around Morai is done in short leaps across the map with a
cost of 2500 Coins.

Morai Teleport NPCs can teleport you back to Perfect World for free but you
always end up in Elysium Village in front of NPC, Teleporter Mon Suer (535,252).

NOTE: To return to Morai from Elysium Village go to NPC, Spirit Loyan (537,250)
a short distance away from Teleporter Mon Suer
(A cheap way to cross the Map)

Teleporter Shia Sol (226,584) on an island in Celestial Lake on the map
(Entrance to Morai is above in the air)
Teleporter Swane Key (207,566), Candlelight Village
Teleporter Ruzon (246,532) Warblades Outpost
Teleporter Rua (278,561) Solstice Outpost
Teleporter Veru (313,576) Sapphire Altar
Teleporter Monis (311,515) Sand Light Crystal
Teleporter Hoki (391,518) Unseen Gate
Teleporter Shin (443,550) Sandscape Tower

Order Teleporters
Teleporter Mionia (465,515) near Corona Sanctuary
Teleporter Siobalm (351,577) at Nexus of Luminance
Teleporter Raio Kin (450,585) at Shroud Temple

Bosses and Mini-Bosses

Dark Radiance (level 100). Level 100 is in the Blighted Garden near the front
of the building that is there. Players can solo this boss but will take you a long
time and there are several roaming mobs that will attack you while you are fighting.
It is better to have help if just to keep the other mobs off your back while you
are fighting the boss.

Mutated Wu Hen (4,950,360 HP) and Mutated Wu Mehan (5,950,360 HP)
These are located close together at the giant skeleton on the map (357,538).
They are relatively tough to kill and have mobs around them that will pester you
while you try to kill the boss.
You should have a several players in a squad.

Places in Morai

Friendly Places which have Bankers, Teleporters and other NPCs

Candlelight Village (207,566)

Warblades Outpost (246,532)
There is a Liaison of each Order in this village

Solstice Outpost (278,561)

Not friendly places which have mobs, bosses and sometimes a quest NPC

Blighted Garden
Home of mini-boss Dark Radiance (level 100). Level 100s can solo but will
take you a long time.
This location has many aggressive mobs that move around and has archer and
wraith statues that are quite deadly, they do not move but have long range shot.

Altar of Shades

This is the entrance to the "Endless Universe"
NPC Keek stands on the left and NPC <#2> stands on the right of NPC <#1>
who is standing on the top of the stairs in front of the door.

To enter get wine (Tuc Su Toxin) from NPC <#2> then talk to NPC <#1>
(The wine will show up in your inventory)
New morai PVP event Lord Cuddlesworth
Thanks go to Raven for providing this guide

The event is held weekly every Saturday between 7 pm and 10 pm server time.
During that time players entering morai will obtain special buff status which
prevents them from dropping items and getting red name after killing other players.
So players can fight each other without worrying about dropping items or getting
red named.
However if you are in disabled pk status (blue name) you have to go into pk
enabled status (white name) to be able to fight other players.

Also upon entering you will obtain quest to kill players from one opposite order
OR kill 3 guard mobs of opposite orders (they don’t fight back).
Completing this quest will reward you with some influence points.
During the event, in each "camp" in Morai, an additional npc will appear which can
give you 15 minute buffs or recover full chi after paying a little fee.

As a bonus players are able to obtain a Sir Cuddlesworth pet egg from
Sir Cuddlesworth. The bear spawns at one of two possible spawn spots at a
random time during the event. Watch for this message:

After it spawns it walks around and talks for about 3 mins.
After that time he vanishes and drops 1 sir cuddlesworth pet egg. Its free to
pick by everyone as the mob can’t be killed, so watch for others trying to
loot (remember killing others is a way of securing the egg for yourself).
3 Sir Cuddlesworth eggs can be combined to make 1 Lord Cuddlesworth egg.